The Cloud
Contact Us, LLC is a Chicago-based Internet Cloud company whose focus is designing and building Internet Cloud structures for any size business utilizing its pioneer patented Cloud Technology., LLC will license its protected Cloud Technology under its subsidiaries, Vdata and GuiGlue®. The developed systems are customizable to fit any business requirements, allowing your business to enter the future using Internet Cloud-based Technology Web 3.0 and HTML5. 

Vdata provides back-end and back up file systems that do away with onsite servers and IT as used in the past and provide a virtual Cloud environment for all your information utilization needs. 

GuiGlue® is the front-end user foundation that runs the infrastructure of your company., LLC is one of the very first companies to patent its Internet Cloud Technology and is the leader in this industry. This assures and protects that the system designed for your company will be yours to use without infringement. It also gives you peace of mind that the system will be flexible as your business needs change and grow in the new economy. Patents, 7849165, 8126990, 8195776, 8392542, 9348838.

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